Regular AC Service Plans
Regular AC Service Plans

Without a doubt air conditioning is vital down here in South Florida, were even during “winter”, it has been known to hit the upper 80’s or even mid 90’s and with the humidity having my air conditioner fail or go on the fritz can be more than just a mild annoyance, it can be downright maddening. To keep air conditioning systems from having sudden catastrophic failures right when needed most, I’ve learned that coming to rely on an  air conditioning maintenance company with a broad range of relevant HVAC services, is what keeps my AC equipment functioning smoothly day in and day out!

New Air Conditioner Installs

First thing I learned, was that maintain all components and parts to my homes AC system were important to overall smooth functioning. I do my part and make sure that my filters are changed out and cleaned regularly but there is something I use a AC services for,Fort Lauderdale duct cleanings. I never realized how much dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate in ac vents even from just normal usage, and the grime and grit they pull out of my unit on a semi regular basis would astound you.  Keeping my ducts clean, lets my family and I enjoy a much higher level of indoor air quality, and frankly also cuts down on our end of the month electricity bill because efficient AC means I spend less to stay cool.

Comprehensive Duct Cleaners and Service

When I decided to use a regular service plan, we were covering our basis not only for making sure the home ac systems were running smoothly, but also to provide us with coverage in the event of a sudden air conditioner emergency. Staying cool at a cost I can afford is great, but the peace of mind I have now is almost priceless.

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