AC EnhancerHumidity issues is an age old problem that has bedeviled homeowners time and time again. While some of them seem to have found a way to manage it, others are still lost in the dark. While high performing AC units are certainly one of the ways to put this problem under control and boost efficiency, there is no need for you to incur huge expenses when you can install an AC enhancer.

Because one of the many problems homeowners in high humidity areas face is the inefficient start and stop processes of their AC units that ultimately compromise on humidity control, an AC enhancer can work with your existing AC system help you control humidity during startup and when stopping.

How an AC Works

Manufacturers have tried employing all the technology within their disposal to create efficient AC units. However, according to the current rating systems, the performance of AC units is based on their efficiency over a continuous cycle which ignores the efficiency at the beginning as well as the end of the run cycle. Whenever an AC system runs, it uses the first 10 minutes after startup to attain optimal efficiency as its coils become cold and dehumidify.

At the end of the operating cycle, the coil becomes loaded with moisture and some of it drains out of the AC system. However, a good quantity of the moisture that is removed from your home stays within the AC unit particularly on the coils.

Irrespective of the water buildup in the unit, the beginning of the next cycle sees the fan blowing warm air over the coil while waiting for it to cool again. This movement of air blows the moisture which is on the coils back into your home. This is why people living in humid climates suffer perpetual humidity because their AC units are working against themselves in an attempt to cool the home and dehumidify it.

Benefits of AC Enhancers

An enhancer is normally installed between the evaporator and the condenser coils thereby giving them the ability to dehumidify upon startup by sending a message to the condenser to start the process of cooling the coil early on before the fan or blower starts cycling. Because the coil is cooled in advance, chances of moisture accumulating on the coil are greatly reduced.

Because of its smart management of humidity, an AC enhancer has better control over dehumidification in your home. Since the compressor is relieved from managing high levels of moisture at every startup, it becomes more efficient and this saves energy. Your AC unit also achieves peak efficiency much faster. Therefore, instead of investing in a dehumidifier which guzzles energy and costs more to buy and install, fit in an AC enhancer today and see your air conditioning performance improve.

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