When homeowners run their AC systems, one of their greatest nightmares is the magnitude of the energy bills they are set to receive at the end of the billing period. Depending on the activity of the AC and the season in which it is operating, energy bills can spike up thereby making your finances suffer a dent. While some of the causes of high energy bills cannot be avoided, there are some things you can do to lower these bills into manageable levels so that you can reallocate your funds somewhere else you better your family and plan for the future.

Ensure Your AC Filters are Clean

The efficiency of your filters is directly related to the efficiency of the entire HVAC system. Having dirty filters is more or less like when your nose is stuffy and you can’t breathe properly. This makes the HVAC system work a lot harder to give the same output hence the frequency of breakdowns and expensive repairs. As a homeowner, you cannot afford to watch this happen and that’s why you need to either change or clean your filters regularly preferably once per month.

Keep the Area around Your Outdoor AC Unit Clean

Your air conditioning system has an indoor and outdoor unit. While the indoor unit may be safe because it’s in the same environment where you stay hence cleanliness is not a problem, the external unit is oftentimes neglected and grasses grow nearby and lint builds up, factors which can reduce the effectiveness of the unit. The external AC unit works like a car radiator where air needs to move over a coil so that it can dissipate heat from the inside unit.

When this unit has its coil clogged with grass clippings and lint from a nearby dryer vent, the air moving into the unit is hampered making it difficult for the coil to dissipate the heat. The result of all this is the indoor unit will work extra hard, use more energy hence high bills. The solution is simple, cleaning the area around your house particularly where the outdoor unit is located and taking care of your coils so that they don’t become clogged.

Hire the Services of a Professional AC Expert

If you are one of the people who see professional AC maintenance as an unnecessary burden, you need to change your mentality because poorly serviced AC units tend to work inefficiently and hence consume lots of energy. While some of the components in the AC system can be handled by DIY experts, some components are too sensitive to be left to guesswork.

A professional will inspect your system to check whether the fan belts, refrigerants, coils, motor fans, and all other parts are working properly. Such scheduled maintenances can be organized any time and they will benefit you more in terms of reduced repair costs, save you the inconvenience of emergency breakdowns and ensure your utilities are within the expected range.

Consider an Upgrade

If your HVAC system is an old model or your needs have grown over time, you need to consider an upgrade because chances are the AC unit is overworking to meet the basic needs. Such a system may end up consuming more power in an attempt to give an output that serves the entire indoor space. Talk to an AC professional or company in order to compare the cost of maintaining your system or upgrading to a much better unit.
Always monitor your energy bills because that’s the first signal you will get that things are not well with your AC.

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